Application: Regulatory Compliance on real data

Banking & Finance related companies and organisation face strict compliancy demands from regulatory institutes. Currently they are often bound to manually controls or extensive use of Excel, both susceptive to errors and very time consuming. Linkin Data is able to perform compliance audits based on real data from any and all sources: calculated at record level, simulated, analysed and presented in a browseable interface.

Application: Credit Risks

This market deals with millions of unique customers and billions of transactions. These firms have very complex back-offices with separated transactional environments for billing, collection, payments, customers and services.

Linkin Data is able to analyse different risks processes (SOX, Basel, IFRS) by profiling clusters of customers from multiple data sources. The machine learning capabilities of Linkin Data help implementing and optimizing transactional processes in data intensive customer environments. This simulation is done without interference with operational financial systems.

Application: Accelerate Governance Risk And Compliancy

Linkin Data has a track record and expertise in risk analysis, regulatory compliance, internal audit, internal control, fraud analytics, security, data governance and privacy. By combining Data Science and Data Mining capabilities with industry skills Linkin Data excels in speed, accuracy and above all proves the non-repudiation of data and transactions.

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